I left Mary’s room and went back to Ugoo.
Afam was there drinking beer when I came.
” Na inside that Benin girl room you day”
asked while smiling.
I was surprised but didn’t show it.
He said I was a fast guy. He had been
the girl for two days now but had not seen
the opportunity to make any move.
*Lecture: Opportunities are scattered all
around us. We see it every minute of every
hour. The problem is making up our minds.
Afam had been seeing this girl since two
days back, what opportunity was he
for. I guess he was afraid to fail and that is
the biggest obstacle to trial. Afraid to fail*
I told him that it was the girl who asked me
to come and be with her. She was lonely
needed someone to talk to.
I, Solo, the messiah had granted her that
wish and we only talked. Nothing else I
We finished the beer and I told Afam that I
would be going back to Brandenburg in the
morning. He said it was a good idea and
I should find out what other people were
doing in that Area.
I slept in Ugoo’s room and in the Morning, I
called Afam and told him that I needed
for transport. He said he had no money
him and asked that I wait until the evening.
Instead of doing nothing the whole day, I
decided to follow Moses, a guy I met in the
same HEIM, down to a place where they
worked. It was a warehouse were Business
men from Nigeria load their goods for
to Nigeria.
we got a job to load a 40FT container with
Used fridges and freezers. Moses asked his
colleagues that I joined them.
We loaded the container and I got 50 Euro
my share. It was enough for my transport
since it was weekend.
(Weekend tickets were usually cheaper in
Germany. There was a ticket also called the
Abend ticket which takes effect from 5pm
friday to 3am, Sunday morning.)
There was one other businessman who had
bought radiator and A/C fans. I helped him
arrange them and he gave me another 20
When I got back in the evening, Afam had
come to Ugoo’s HEIM like he said.
I called Mary and he asked me to come to
her room.
When I got there, I told her I would be
that evening and that I would invite her
We chatted for sometime before Afam
Afam gave me 30 Euro and asked me to
the Abend ticket. (Abend means Evening).
We went together to the ESSEN CENTRAL
STATION where I boarded the Inter
City.Express train (ICE, the fastest of all
in Europe at 450KM/h)
We used a different route to Berlin through
Wolfsburg and Spandau. I stopped at Berlin
Zoo Garten station and entered a smaller
train down to Brandenburg an der Havel.
That was my first attempt at hustling.

I dont know why my dickson is still at
attention e be like say e never
know say him don commit crime, i was
confuse i dont know what to do
and the sweat wey they my body don
multiply by ten percent, i be no
send her message oh na she wan fucck oh,
i quickly rush inside room
and wear my nicker, i took my phone and
call my doctor sharp sharp.
Doc: hello Oz how far.
Me: hello sir abeg i need serious help.
Doc: wetin happen Oz.
Me: one girl faint for my house as we they
Doc: Jesus Christ are you serious?
Me: of course am serious sir please help
Doc: whats her condition now?
Me: she just they ground oh and e be like
say she don die.
Doc: your mummy they get drugs for
house abi?
Me: yes sir.
Doc: check if theres any hydrocort.
Me: okay sir but na how i go locate am.
Doc: check were your mummy they put
tetanus injection or drip.
Me: oh yeah i know tetanus let me check
sir please stay on the line.
Doc: am here.
Me: okay sir.
I quickly check cupboard and drop the
phone for table i begin they
search for hydrocort abi hydrocourt i saw it
were they keep drip, is
inside a little bottle in a powder form i saw
another small bottle
there that look like water nothing was
written on it, i took the phone
Me: sir i don see am oh e be like powder
Doc: yes you will need sterile water do u
have there.
Me: yes there is sterile water here (i nor
know wetin be sterile water
oh but i believe say na the sterile water
they this bottle, please
dont try this at home).
Doc: okay good mix the sterile water with
Me: okay sir.
I drop the phone and as i was about to mix
it together i heard a knock
on the door and the bottle mistakenly drop
on the ground, my fear
increase autmatically by 50 percent.
Me: who they there (with shaky voice).
“open the door dear” i dont need a
magician to tell me that thats
Lizzy, i quickly rush to the door and open it
Me: Lizzy thank God you are here am in
serious trouble (i nor even let
her enter before i begin they shout).
Lizzy: take it easy i know, dont worry she
will be fine.
Me: you know how?
Lizzy: that dosnt matter now (she walk
straight to her and bend down
examining her head).
Lizzy: how many minutes now?
Me: like fifteen minutes.
Lizzy: dont worry she will be back.
Me: really?
Lizzy: yes trust me lets just sit and wait
fifteen minutes from now
she will be back.
Na by then my mind come they come down
small small i go table go carry
my phone doke they call back so i just pick
the call and told him that
she has waken up, i sit down for chair they
watch the half dead
Justina Lizzy join me on the same chair.
Me: am afraid oh.
Lizzy: you should be i dont know why you
cant keep your dickson in one place.
Me: am really sorry dear.
Lizzy: you dont need to, shes betrothed
Me: really but she didnt say anything about
that na.
Lizzy: of course she wont shes among us.
Me: among us like you mean shes a witch?
Lizzy: yes she cant sleep with anyone apart
from her love underworld.
Me: underworld, na there him they stay?
Lizzy: yes just like i was bethroted to you
thats how she was also
bethroted to him.
Me: but i can sleep with anybody i wont
Lizzy: oh yes because i allow it, from now
on i wont be seeing you
again i want you to continue to live your life
before i meet you.
Me: no oh what if something like this
happen again?
Lizzy: then you better stay away from girls.
Me: dont do this dear please i need you
here by the way how do you know?
Lizzy: i felt your heartbeat.
Me: really then i really need you here
Lizzy: really na only you waka come abi? I
have other things to do jare.
Me: other things more important than me?
Lizzy: you wont understand now (she stood
up) when the time reach you go know.
Me: why are you standing?
Lizzy: am going for now.
Me: but you wont leave will you?
Lizzy: haha i wont dear when the war is
about to start how can i leave
you alone to fight it?
Me: thanks love (i stood up and give her a
nice hug and my dickson
rise at once like anaconda).
Lizzy: (she withdraw herself from the grip
and use her two hands to
hold my head) i want you to promise me
one thing.
Me: whats that dear?
Lizzy: stop taking drugs.
Me: ooh am really sorry about that.
Lizzy: it wasnt your fault it was hers.
Me: i can see that now.
Lizzy: i hope you can, watch her am going
dont tell her anything okay.
Me: okay love.
She open the door and disappear as she
came, i sit close to Justina
and continue watching her like how we
watch super story, oh yeah this
one is more than super story oh, how
about the hydorcort what will i
tell my mum? I will think of something else
let Justina wake up first.
I was lost in my thought when she finally
wakeup and shouted “fucccck meeeeee”


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