I was afraid because i already took
Vega200 giving me tramadol is like
she want to kill me, i was confuse and dont
know what to do.
Me: errm Justina i cant take that.
Just: why?
Me: because it has bad side effect.
Just: oh come on dont believe those craps,
dont keep me waiting (she
was romancing me touching me and i was
enjoying it).
She took the tablet and put it inside my
mouth i dont know when i
swallow it and she push me on the bed and
started romancing me i was
thinking about the side effect because
taking two Sex booster might
end your life forever, i wasnt concentrating
anymore but my dickson
She bend down and started succking my
dickson me wey no concentrate i
nor know when i beging rob my hands on
her head and begging her to
continue she really do know how to suck
dickson, after she don suck me
dry she lay ontop me and insert my
dickson inside her pussii oh bless
god my dickson no fuckup this time, i was
sleeping flat facing ceiling
when she insert it i felt it because it was
too nice, she started
rotating her waist like ceiling fan she was
winning her waist her so
well that i started moaning, she wey they
fucck no make noise na me
wey i balance they enjoy am they make
noise, this time i was moaning
loudly and urging her continue and dont
stop (according to olamide)
when she saw that my moaning was too
much she use her right hand to
cover my mouth and continue fuccking me,
am telling you guys na that
one sweet pass, e be like say she no they
even feel am because when i
look at her face she wasnt smilling nor
angry, she just they fucck me
like the way that lady for the movie V fucck
that guy wey later kill
am, i just hope this one no go kill me sha,
she was fucking me for
more than 30 minutes before i release, she
didnt even use condom,
after i release my dickson was still hard like
rock, she was happy i
guess because she stand ontop me again
and continue her quest. Twenty
minutes i never release she still ontop me,
thirty minutes i never
release, she don they sweat like goat, forty,
fifty, one hour my
dickson still hard and i never dream to

I know something like this will happen even
Justina don tire because i
can see it on her face, but she must
continue because na she wan
fucck, so she don see fuck make she they
fucck they go, after one hour
fifteen minutes i never release she faint for
my body, i was even
happy because the thing be like
punishment i wasnt enjoying it because
my dickson was paining me, i push her
from my body and walk to parlour
i look at my dick through mirrow na so the
thing stand like cobra, i
was afraid because i nor know wetin i go
do am to reduce, i enter room
back and i look Justina she never still
wakeup i turn her around and
check her chest, my heart jump enter my
mouth when i see say she nor
they breath again, i was afraid that i took
her from the bed and carry
her to parlour i started calling her to
wakeup but no answer, i put
her on the ground and went to kitchen to
take water, i sprayed the
water on her head and body but she refuse
to wakeup, then i started
doing CPR for her i will breath in her mouth
and press her chest she
still wont wakeup, oh boy na trouble i they
oh and na wetin put me for
this trouble na my dickson, i look at the
dickson and saw its still
hard ready for action without no tension,
oh yeah this time there is


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