The scorpions surround us and continue
making their noise, its like they are waiting
for permission before they attack us, even
noise is even hurting our ears as me and
Tera hold ourself closer waiting for the next
thing to happen, we dont know where to go
or what else to do, we are in a mysterious
place whether its underworld or outward
we dont know, all we know is that we are
here to rescue our friends and we are not
leaving this place without them.
They surround us and as they want to
attack us we heard a mighty blask from
afar like a place where bomb hit, the
ground shake to were we are and then all
the scorpion disappear at once.
Me: whats that?
Tera: probably something we dont want to
Me: good lets get inside before they return.
i ran inside with Tera following me from
behind, the place is exactly as it was in my
dream so i just enter the place they hold
them, Lizzy called me out immediately i
turn left.
I look where she called me and saw Lizzy,
Lucy, Aziza, Annabel and Justina tied on a
black rope.
Me: baby (i rush to where they tied her and
hug her very well).
Lucy: hello you guys can do that later
please untie us first.
Tera: i cant cut the rope its too strong.
Lucy: you cant cut in just pull that iron over
there to the other side.
tera pulled the iron and they all fell down
on the ground, Annabel ran to me and hug
Me: where have you been?
Ann: you really dont want to know.
Justina: hi Oz.
Me: justi baby good to see you guys again.
Lucy: good to see you too we have work to
Me: i was hoping you will say that but first
lets get out of this place first.
Lucy: no we cant leave, i have a house here
lets go there and talk.
Me: why cant we leave?
Lucy: because here is where we will find the
first element.
Me: oh, okay lead the way please ma.
i was glad that shes part of us now, we all
walk out of the cave with me and Lizzy at
the back holding each others, we came out
and started following Lucy to her house i
wonder how she manage to own a house
in this kind of place.
Lizzy: so how far?
Me: with you found i guess am okay a
Lizzy: why a little?
Me: my mum is still missing and i need to
find her.
Lizzy: shes not missing, i escort her to
Me: really?
Lizzy: yes, when they attack i took to Auchi
myself to make sure shes safe.
Me: waoh am relief, how can i thank you?
Lizzy: by defeating Eve.
Me: of course we will defeat her.
Lizzy: how was the training?
Me: went well.
Lizzy: so you can fight now?
Me: not only fight i can also tranform into
a beast.
Lizzy: really?
Me: yes.
Lizzy: show me.
Me: not now na, lets get to where we are
going first then i will show you..
Lizzy: alright, cant wait to see it.
Me: you will dear, have missed you and
your succulent lips.
Lizzy: i missed you too, oyaa come here
(she took my head and gave me a
resounding kiss that shook my head like
Aziza: you guys should probably hold it till
we reach where we are going.
Lizzy: hahahaha.

we walk for minutes till we get to a temple,
the frontage is filed with stature with
candle light ontop their head, the temple
have a big gate (iron gate), Lucy walk to
the gate and hit the iron three times, then
we heard a large noise inside the temple
and then the big gate open and a beautiful
yellow girl with big sword stand on the
Girl: welcome mistress (she quickly bow
her head for Lucy).
Lucy: welcome our guest and lock the gate.
Girl: yes mistress.
we followed Lucy inside the temple as the
girl welcome all of us inside the temple and
when all of us enter she lock the gate
the temple is not that big but it has enough
space, we saw many girls training, as we
enter the compound all the girls came out
to greet their mistress, they are like twenty
or thirty and they all look sexy and
Lucy: i believe you all are ready.
Girls: yes mistress.
Lucy: good, we will discuss how we will
attack later, (she turn to us and said)
follow me please.
We followed her chamber, she walk to the
throne and sat down.
Lucy: please sit.
We sat on the big table in front of her and
then face her.
Lucy: we will eat and then discuss how to
defeat Eve.
Me: i think i need to sleep.
they all turn and face.
Me: what? I have not sleep for almost a
week now and now that i know my mum is
alright my eyelids are kissing..
that was my last statement before i fall on
the table and started snoring.


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