Tera: is that what i think it is?
Me: yeah madam Lucy castle, come on lets
we swim out of the river and stand in front
of the castle breathing heavily looking at
the building on fire.
Tera: at last.
Me: i tell you.
Tera: get up lets go inside no time.
we help ourself up lazily still breathing
heavily, we started walking towards the
flaming building, everywhere is quiet except
the sound from the burning building, we
find our way inside the palace and started
looking for anything or clue that will make
us to know where to find them Lizzy.
Tera: you said there was a bright light
Me: yeah i saw it there (i point to where i
saw the light on my dream).
Tera: cant you trace it?
Me: let me try, follow me.
i started tracing the light just like how i
followed it in my dream, we came out of
the building and started walking towards
the mountain where we fell down.
Tera: you think thats the place.
Me: just keep on following me.
i follow my instinct to the wall of the
mountain and face the waterfall.
Tera: there is no road, thats the end, except
you want to go inside the river.
Me: i think so.
i look around the wall and up the moutain
where the water is coming from, then i dive
inside the river.
Inside the sea i swim to the wall of the
moutain and saw that there is a pact there,
i came back and told Tera.
Me: i found it, follow me.
Tera dive inside the river and follow me
under the water, we swim to the wall and
came out inside the moutain, we followed
the straight dark road and walk for minutes
before we saw a red wall on our front,.
Me: this is it.
Tera: how, the wall?
Me: yeah,
Tera: so how do we get true.
Me: we walk pass it.
Tera: i don understand.
Me: watch.
in her presence i face the wall of the
moutain and started punching it, i hit the
wall till all my hands started bringing out
blood and my anger increase then i started
changing to the beast, i change completely
to the beast and roar, when i roar Tera shift
back a little like shes scared of me, i walk
to the wall that block us and as i wanted to
pass it i turn to Tera and told her,.
“we walk pass it like this”.
I walk pass the wall and came out from
another world, when i saw how the world
was destroyed i started changing back to
my human form and from my back Tera
came out in immortal form too.
She change back to human form and said.
Tera: so no human lives here only inhuman
can come here.
Me: yes.
Tera: so now what?
Me: follow me.

i look my left and then my right, i followed
my left and started following my instinct
again, everywhere was destroyed but some
building still stands, everywhere is dark too
but there are touches everywhere, when i
say touch i didnt mean electric touch i
meant yellow touch like candle light and
they are standing ontop human statures,
even the statures looks scary like they are
going to swallow us.
As we continue walking Tera stop and look
Me: whats that?
Tera: i think we are been followed.
Me: i dont hear anything.
Tera: but i do.
Me: then lets walk faster.
we started walking faster and faster to the
place where i saw them in the dream, and
then i heard something from our back me
and Tera both look back at the same time
only to see many small scorpions running
after us, we look each other in surprise and
then started running, the scorpions are
smarter than us because they already
surround us, our left and right scorpions
everywhere, the only way out is to keep on
running, we get to the cave where i found
Lizzy but we cant enter because scorpions
already surround the entrance, now we are
completely surrounded.
Tera: what do we do?
Me: i should be asking you that.
Tera: but it is your dream.
Me: yeah but i didnt see any scorpions.
Tera: maybe you miss it.
as we continue to debate the scorpions
continue getting closer and closer till there
is no space for us again.
And then they attack.


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