It was dark when we enter the forest with
all our weapons on our back
within thirty minutes the day sun started
rising, we jungle ourself inside
the tick bush and tall trees.
We walk for hours upon hours, as we kept
on moving we continue looking
at the map to make sure we aint lost, we
get to a swampy area na there
wahala start, the river is very wide swamps
everywhere we had to
choose our step gently or else na goodbye
be that oh.
I was in the front while Tera put her hand
on my shoulder following
with fear, this one na natural something no
be wetin we fit fight, we
walk through the swamp and the fear
increase when the water started touching
our stomach.
Tera: do you think we will make it?
Me: do you have another option?
Tera: yes lets climb tree.
Me: and be jumping from tree to tree like
Tera: yes?
Me: oya start i will follow.
Tera: see you, you they fear.
Me: if you nor fear why you nor start abeg
shotup they follow me for yash.
Tera: whats that!
Me: whats what?
She point something in front of us, the
thing is inside the swamp
breathing, we dont know what it is but we
only know that the thing is
big and static, the noise from the breath
can even make
someone to melt.
Me: i think now will be a good time to
climb tree.
Tera: there is no tree near here unless we
go back.
Me: we cant go back na, its too far.
Tera: what do you think it is?
Me: i dont know maybe Alligator abi croc.
Tera: this one is too big oh.
Me: lets walk quietly, if we dont disturb it, it
wont get up.
Tera: okay.
The thing was in front of us so we followed
our left where there are
trees incase of emergency we will just
climb the tree at once, we walk
gently for minutes before we saw dry lands
not too far from us, we
rush out of the swamp water and rest on
the ground breathing heavily.
Tera: at last.
Me: yeah.

We brushed of ourself and continue our
journey for hours before we
reach the real evil forest where there is no
light but darkness, we
stand on the high hill looking at the dark
forest from afar thinking
what to do when we enter and how to
overcome challenges, oh well we
have our weapons, still looking at the dark
forest we saw a light
blink inside the forest then we run after it,
with speed we enter the
forest and look further we saw the light
so we started chasing it even though we
dont know who or what it is,
we can see through darkness because of
our eyes, the thing was running
fast and we continue chasing after it,
surprisingly the light split
into two so me and Tera separated and
started running after the two,
Tera followed the first one to the north
while i followed the second
one to the south, when i gain on it i realize
that it was just a round
light and nobody was holding it, just like an
eyeball running and i
was surprise to see it.
I gain on it and dive it with all my strenght
but as i want to cover
the eye with hand i touch ssomething
bigger more like the head of a
person, me and the thing fell on the ground
and with the sound of the
thing i understand it is an invisible
something with only the light
showing, i fell and hit my body on a big
tree, the light stand up and
came closer to me, i stood up and heard a
heavy blow on my cheecks,
then another on my stomach, i dont see
anything just the light so i
tap the head again and head the thing, the
thing fell back and this
time i can see it very clearly now, the thing
look like Tera but i
dont thinks its Tera, i bring out my sword
and walk closer then i look
the face well.
Me: Tera?
Tera: Oz?
Me: how come?
Tera: so we are fighting ourself?
Me: i dont understand.
Tera: me too, help me up.
I took her hand up and then later we heard
someone laughing ontop of
us, we look up and saw many eyes flying
above us, then the thing
started laughing again.
Me: i think now is the good time to run.
Tera: i think so too.
We started running inside the thick forest
even though we dont know
where we are going, we ran till we fell on
the ground and started
rolling, we roll on the ground and fell inside
a river, we manage to
swim up and when we brought our head
from the water, we saw Lucy
castle facing us


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