the bats are small we can defeat them but
they are just to many for the both of us so
the best thing is to outrun them with any
possible means, we fasten our seatbelt and
put more jar but it seems like the bats are
faster, they gain on us and started hitting
and biting us, we killed the ones we could
and continue flying on air, we fly to
sabongidda ora and when I saw the first
bank there I point at it so that me and Tera
will hide there for now, with heavy speed
we crash on the zink of the building and
fell on the floor, we ran to the front of the
building and hide beside the flowers there,
we saw the bats as they fly away.
Tera: I think Eve send them.
Me: I think so too, do you think she knows
about our plan?
Tera: I don’t know but let’s start going.
Me: do you think they are all gone?
Tera: yeah I can’t hear their sounds again.
Me: okay.
Tera: do you want me to throw you up
Me: no I can change by myself now.
Tera: okay good change let me see.

I climbed the gate and jump down in front
of the gate and started running running
towards the road that lead to Uzebba, as I
continue running my body started changing
automatically till I change to a full beast
and then I spread my wings and fly up, we
followed the road to Uzebba and them from
Uzebba we enter okpujie where my people
lives in the midnight, as expected only
owan east was destroyed and nothing
happen to other areas but I can’t seem to
find anybody walking around or maybe its
because its midnight because I need to
know what the government are doing about
the destruction, that’s if they are still in
charge of them self, we landed on my
daddy’s zink in the midnight and climb
down, we change to our normal human
body back and then I knock on the door, I
was expecting no answer because I
thought my dad will be sleeping by this
time now but I was shocked when he told
us to come in from inside, we push the
door and saw him sitting on the floor with
old book and a fine sword, I know the
sword he use it as walking stick but I never
knew sword is inside it.
we greet him but he didn’t reply he just
hand over the book and sword to me and
said “you don’t have much time, the book
contains map to the evil forest and also u
will meet the elemental there so it either u
succed and come back alive or you fail and
die there.
Me: papa how did you know all this?
Papa: no time for questions just start going
now before the day break.
Me: yes papa I will return.
we bade him farewell as he direct us to the
way to the evil forest where we will see
Lucy castle.


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