I vomit water from my mouth and pour it
on her face,
Tera: welcome back (she said clearing her
“how long was I gone?” I asked still
Tera: for almost an hour.
Me: I know where they are.
Tera: you saw them?
Me: yeah they are in trouble.
Tera: where are they? (she help me stand
Me: In a cave something like that.
Tera: you mean you dont even know the
Me: when I appear in Lucy castle I followed
a light to another word and I saw them in
the cave.
Tera: do you know the real place where
Lucy palace is?
Me: inside the river.
Tera: no river is just a portal like a road to
go there, the place must be around this
Me: you mean like underword.
Tera: no just this world.
Me: the only place I can think of is Uzebba
Tera: how can we get there?
Me: I barely know that area even when
everywhere was fine but in this condition I
doubt if I can even remember the road.
Tera: we need to find it, the more we wait
the more Eve conquer more community.
Me: so you mean other communities are
Tera: they won’t be if we keep on stalling.
Me: then I can know the way to Uzebba if
we can find our way to sabongidda ora.
Tera: then we will move by night.
Me: why night?
Tera: so that we can fly and it will be easier
locating it on air.
Tera: nobody can see us now na, after all
everywhere don destroy already..
Tera: even sabo?
me: I hope now, anyway I have never see
you fly before.
Tera: you will see me today.
Me: okay in the mean time we can look for
my mum right till night.
Tera: I guess so.
Me: thanks let’s start with my church. (we
turn to the road to my church)
Tera: you think we will see her there?.
Me: oh well it is one of the biggest church
in Ogute i just hope to see there.
Tera: okay oh.
we stroll to my church, Anglican church
precisely, we got there and saw that
everywhere was under lock with big key, I
knock on the big gate but nobody open, me
and Tera climb the gate and walk to the
main door, its and iron gate too and there
is no how we can open it from outside, we
walk around the building and when I look
inside the church I didn’t see anything
because everywhere was dark, many
buildings were destroyed but this church
still stand.
Tera: how do we get in?
Me: I don’t know oh.
Tera: let’s destroy the gate.
Me: and what if they are inside? that
means we will be exposing them to danger.
Tera: you are right so what do you think we
Me: let’s just relax here if they don’t come
out by night we leave them and continue
our journey to Uzebba.
Tera: I heard that town has strong witches
and wizards.
Me: who told you?
Tera: I don’t need to be told, or are you not
from there?
Me: even Lucy and Luciana they are from
there too
Tera: yeah I know.
We sat in front of the gate waiting for night
to come, we talk about other things and
what will happen when we get to Uzebba,
the best plan is to look for my father he will
guide me on how to visit the forest.
we talk for sometime till the big church
gate open and woa our priest came out.
when I saw him I was very happy.
Me: Father (I Called out).
Priest: come inside.

we enter inside the church and they lock
the gate again, we saw all of them sitting
on the floor with rappers and light, some
are praying while some are eating, I look
them and felt pity on them, they were
looking at Us like Angel because of our
dress, I ask the ones i know about my
mother but they don’t know where they are,
I was disappointed again.
they offer us food to eat but we reject
because we can’t eat the little they have,
even though am not sure i can even savor
the food.
when its very dark me and Tera left them
alone and walk to the center of the field.
Me: so how do I change to the bat?
Tera: look inside you and focus your mind
as if you are already a bat.
I tried to do it but no success I try for
many times but no progress.
Tera: we don’t have time to waste.
Tera change to a big bat but not that big
like mine, she fly away.
Me: where are you going?
she left me alone and I didn’t know what to
do but I continue trying to change, after
some time something took me up from my
back and started flying, I look at her and
saw that it’s Tera,.
Me: so this is how you will take me
Tera: no you will fly.
Me: how?
she took many metres away from ground
and then free me, I was shouting when she
released me and I started falling like a
meteor rock and when I almost touch
ground my feather appear and I fly up
again, now I have change, I fly up to Tera
and saw her laughing.
Me: you will pay for this.
Tera: that is if you can catch me.
I ran after her and she fly away while I
chase her, while flying I heard noises from
my back and when I look I saw a bats
chasing us.


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