“Oz Oz ” i heard somebody called me in my
dream, then the person tap my leg and i woke
up immediately.
Vareeth: guy na wa for you oh, na sleep you
just sleep so?
Me: uhm, you nor go understand my man, how
far u don watch the film finish? I said and
strenght myself like a dog.
Vareeth: i just they watch am finish so, i wan
Me: okay na till tomorrow, just back the door.
Vareeth: alright bye bye, the casete still they
inside dvd bring am come tommorow oh.
Me: no problem bye bye.
He left and i resume my sleep, i havent slept far
when somebody knock on my door, i got up
angrily and walk to the door sluggishly.
Me: na who they there?
Unknown: na me, good evening i wan buy
I open the door and saw glory my ex neighbour.
Me: hey glory my wife how you they?
Glory: i they as you leave me na, since you don
get new wife.
Me: ha why you they talk like this na, oya come
inside abeg.
Glory: no worry just give me the medicine i go
stay outside here.
Me: abeg come inside joor ( i draw her inside)
you they do as if you be stranger.
I draw her in and she sat down on a chair close
to the door, she look beautiful by the way
wearing cooperate dress like say she dey come
from interview white long sleeve shirt and black
skirt, she nor be my girlfriend sha but i don
sama her two times like that she get boobs and
ass like lopez, she be like corper wey they serve
Me: so how you they na?
Glory: i dey fine, why your bears come bush like
Me: wey you nor they to help me shave am
wetin you expect?
Glory: if you they wait for me you go old oh.
Me: hahah no wahala so far say we old
Glory: so how ur girlfriend na.
Me: me girlfriend, haha girlfriend for where?
Glory: you want tell me say you never still get
Me: nah, wey your thing don hook me for neck
why i go go across the road again?
Glory: hahaha well that one don pass go get
yourself girlfriend because you nor go see the
thing again oh.
Me: na why you they talk like this na, you know
as i don miss you.
Glory: miss me? You miss me you nor fit call?
Me: you nor know say i dey write exam?
Glory: you never start na.
Me: yes na but i dey prepare na.
I got up from my sit and move closer to her, i
sat at the edge of her chair and place my left
hand around her neck. Then with a soft voice.
Me: glory you know i love you so much, i cant
even date another girl because of you, is like am
in a bondage because i cant see any other girl
apart from you.

Glory: you don start you sweet mouth abi?
I turn her head to face me and said.
Me: how you go they talk like that na, you know
say na you disvirgin me (i pray oh) maybe thats
why am stuck with you that i cant date
anybody else, please just try and understand,
feel my heart you will see that is beating
because of you.( i took her hand and put it on
my chest).
Me: cant you feel the heart is beating for you?.
Glory: Oz
i draw her head closer and plant a kiss on her
lip, she withdraw immediately.
Glory: stop it, infact am going.
Me: come on glory dont be like this.
She move to the door, she try to open it, then i
hold her from behind and press her against the
door, i move my two hands forward and press
her glorious boobs, she move her ass backward
and struck my rising dicck, she turn and look
me in the eye, she wanted to say something but
i just bend and kiss her, she wrap her two
hands on my neck as she swallow my tongue in
her mouth, i carry her like commando and took
her inside my room, i place her on the bed and
remove my clothes, i lay ontop her and press
her apple, i remove her cooperate shirt then her
bra, i suck her very well as she twist her body
like snake i will press one and suck the other
lika baby, they are very soft, she turn me over
and remove her pant, she leave her skirt, she
stay ontop me and sex me very well, we
continue sex for eight mintes till i heard a
knock on my door, waoh why my mummy
quick come na?

To be continued

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