I went to the orientation camp along Abuja-
Kaduna express road and spent three
interesting weeks there. I was the platoon
leader of 3 platoon. I had introduced my
self to the Camp Commandant, Captain
Kefas Dalong immediately I got to camp
and I got acquainted with his soldiers too.
We usually drank beer together at the camp
mammy market every night. Most of my
fellow corps members respected me
because they thought I was a serving Army
officer who came for the NYSC programme.
Two of my serving Colleagues visited me
while still at the camp in their military
uniforms, they were with me in my room
and at the parade ground until we went to
the mammy market at night, I invited three
of my platoon girls to join us in the fun at
the mammy market at night and with the
permission of the camp commandant, we
all left camp for town that night to club and
afterwards we went to the Officers quarters
in the barracks. We did not return to the
camp until the second night.
After three weeks I was sent to the
command and staff college Jaji for my
primary assignment as a junior instructor.
One of the Officers that visited me while on
camp was also an instructor at the college

The marriage introduction slated for
February 3 was done while I was at the
camp. My dad had insisted on rushing
everything as if he was about to leave this
world. The traditional marriage was slated
for April during the Easter holiday.
Now, Baba landlord my father is a man of
enormous wealth by the layman’s
standard. He is a pensioner and has little to
spend his money on. His six daughters are
happily married to wealthy men in different
fields. The women also own their own
businesses and showers Baba with
material and monetary gifts. They pay
monies into his account at random trying
to impress baba, it was like competition
among the ladies. Meanwhile Baba was
tired of buying Lands and building farms.
He does not brag nor show off his wealth
for fear of the Village witches and wizards.
He has four Exotic cars parked in his
compound at home. The cars were given to
him by his sons’ in-law. But he told the
Villagers that they belonged to the husband
of the second daughter who happened to
be a popular car dealer in Lagos.

To be continued


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