I opened my back pocket and no condoms,
I told her I don’t have a condom, therefore
we can’t do it, she begged that we should
do it that she has missed me a lot. I
wanted to stop but I had a second thought
if I don’t do it now, when I will do it again if
at all I will is uncertain.
I opened her legs very wide and put my
tongue into action, I tongue f–k her veejay
until she c-m, I have not started anything
yet she has c-m. She brought her head
having removed my boxer to my c–k and
gave me the awesome blow-job of my life,
she did it so well that I c-m too. Now I
know both of us are in for a long tin, it
seems she knows what I know, because I
know that this might be our last day so I
need to make it memorable.
As I was receiving the blow-job I
remembered my mission with Juliet, I won’t
be f—–g Juliet today again, let used the
reserved energy for her. She was still doing
the blow-job after I have c-m, and my c–k
stood up again, I bend her head down-ward
with her butt facing me as I doggy her life
out, she moan-crying “oh baby……oh
baby……ouch…..ouch……ouch….. I Love
you…..I love You……” These were what I was
hearing. I changed her position to the
‘Launch-pad’ position as I banged her to
ecstasy, in these position, I was calculating
which position will give her the greatest
pleasure I might use my findings on Juliet.

As I keep thrusting I c-m all over her body,
she lay helplessly, I started kissing her all
over again. We started from shallow to
intense kissing. My jagu came up and I lay
her in the G-whiz position, as I hammer her,
I go slow slow slow, then, deep, deep, deep
and brought it out again, I changed her
position to the Deep Impact Penetration as I
do my best there, not upto 5minutes she c-
m, I was still f—–g her, she was crying
serious cry this time around that she was
tired for where when me never tire? No be
she want am, she couldn’t breath again,
still I was doing it, going deep and deeper,
any time I go deeeeeepppp, I hear “OH
JESUS”!! I will smile but I didn’t rush it at
all. At one point I t—-t in as usual to her
“oh jesus” but no sound came, I did it
again, no sound, I held on, my c–k still
inside, she was saying some inaudible
words but her hands or body couldn’t

To be continued


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