After the exams which was our first paper
(Economics) we went home. I took my
bath, called Ego and told her I will be
coming to see Miss Jacobs, she said ok,
she will be at home. I dressed up and went
to miss Jacobs’, I met Ego first and told
her I might check on her but if I didn’t, she
shouldn’t take it personal, she accepted.
I went to miss Jacobs’ room and met her
on bump-short, immediately my c–k’s head
rise, she was preparing food, she wore just
bump-short and tube, I was beginning to
get in the mood, I went straight to her, and
the next thing she would say was “Sorry
Peter, why didn’t you call me that you are
coming? As you can see am expecting my
guy today, you might check me some other
time” like seriously that statement hurts me
but as a guy I need to be tolerant. “Ok no
problems, but at least accept my apology,
am sorry if I hurt you by my actions, so
sorry about that but I would like to admit
that I so much cherish the little time we
spent together, I enjoy every bit of it and I
will never forget you, you are part of my
love life history, I will cherish you the rest
of my life” I said and left for my house.
As I was leaving, I noticed she wanted to
come and hold me because she dropped
what she was holding in her hands. I
bolted the door behind me and left without
another word, I got home, feeling happy for
2 reasons as all players will always feel, (1)
Because I can have any girl I want that
moment, (2) am free to be f—–g Ego
whose jamboreeze is tighter than Miss
Jacobs’, I sat down relaxing and a call
came in.

Looking at the caller ID my mind skip, it
was Juliet, I did a brief backward thinking
of what she did to me, or whatever
happened that night, and am ready to
upgrade the game to see what holds for
both of us. Though s-x isn’t a do or die
affairs but with Juliet it’s a do, die and
buried affairs, one of us must run. I was
ready to follow her bumper to bumper, until
she run, because I know that me am not
gonna shift at all.
“Hello Juliet” I responded. “Hi Peter, how
are you doing”? “Am doing good and you”?
“Am also doing fine, are you going to
school”? “Yes ma’am, any problems”? I
asked with curiosity. “Not really, just want
to know if I can pay you a visit today” she
said. On hearing ‘pay you’ a visit, my c–k
rose above my navel, kpim!! I wouldn’t
want to miss this opportunity at all. “You
can still come na, buh as from 4pm
because am having papers by 1pm to
4pm”. I replied. “Ok, I will come by 6pm,
hope you will be at home”? “Yup I will, just
bring something while coming”. I said and
she accepted and hung up d call……

To be continued

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