Nifemi was laying helplessly on the floor
shouting fire, and I saw a great fire
consuming her, I was shocked to the bone,
immediately Cynthia hide behind a big tree
at the river bank.. where could this come
from, I asked.. I move closer to Nifemi and
tried to help her, then I heard a loud voice
as loud as a thunder sound.. “Go
back”immediately I trembled and fell on the
floor, I quickly pulled myself up and ran
Then I saw a great light coming from
heaven, I saw him on white but his eyes
were covered with fire,I dare not look at
him, I fall on the ground and cover my
face.. the creature walks towards me and
he touched me.. he said ” raise up my son,
I have seen the cry of my savant and that
of your brothers, now it’s time I help you ”
I stood up and look at him, he has a wing
like an angel and I know for sure he is one..
he walked towards nifemi and he told her ”
I cast you back to hell where you come
from, from now on you shall live there till
eternity “.. he turned and touched me..
immediately I met myself on the floor
inside the church, I quickly open my eyes
and I saw Nino tpumpy and oluzo
accompanied with the man of God..
Me : Nino what is happening here?
Nino : calmdown..
Man : brother promise, how are you feeling
Me : am fine, please sir have I been
Man : no you are not, you have been here
since 5 days ago and we all here have been
fasting and praying for God’s mercy upon
your life..
Nino : yes! We all here had been fasting
ever since you faint (he added)

Man : this will stand as a lesson for you
youths of nowadays, whose job is to chop
and clean mouth, am not saying it’s bad to
have a girlfriend but premarital s-x is very
dangerous and it’s one of devil’s biggest
weapon in destroying our youths destiny,
and that’s why you see most of our youths
roaming around the streets jobless and
useless.. am talking to everyone of you and
not promise alone.. shey una hear?
We all echoed a loud yes,”so I nogo come
bleep again abi wetin this man de try talk
so, make I kuku die na. I said within me..
Nino asked maybe we can leave, of which
the man gave us a go ahead..
Man : my son’s don’t forget prayer
everytime o..(he said as we all walk out of
the church..
On our way going oluzo and tpumpy
quickly grabbed and gave me a tight hug..
Oluzo : fool ! I don miss you o..
Tpumpy : big head, you made me cry alot
Me : see oluzo o, you don quickly fat within
5 days o..
Oluzo : goat, no be your wahala de make
me loose wight before?
Tpumpy : hahahahaha! Two idiots
We all laughed as we journeyed back
home.. few weeks later, I finally met
Cynthia in real life and after I narrated my
dream to her we became lovers, tpumpy
finally finished his assignment at ekiti and
he went back to Lagos. Oluzo still remain
my best pal and we still de reason

(a big shout out to all my great readers,
thanks alot for being there for me..)

The end!!!


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