On our way going Cynthia was a bit muddy
because of what happened back at my
place, she keep walking and she didn’t utter
a word until she couldn’t bear it anymore..
Cynthia : promise! * crying * why can’t you
just try and help your innocent people out
of this sorrow? Most especially uncle Nino
Me : am trying my best nah.. but am just
like a blind man who is left before a t-
junction.. I don’t really know what to do
about it am hopeless Cynthia..
Cynthia : you can still try, try beg nifemi
maybe she will hear you out and also
forgive you..
Me : and how do you expect me to do that
when I don’t even know her whereabouts?
Cynthia : don’t give me that Mr, you know
her very well she was your girlfriend..
Me : hmmmm (sight) ok! Let me try think
about where she normally visit whenever
she is sad…
Cynthia : good!!!
As we were discussing about this, an old
man was busy starring at Cynthia with his
mouth agape As if he just saw something
no one has seen , Cynthia noticed as she
asked me to keep mute till we get to her
place, I quickly followed her order till we
walk out of his sight.. we got to Cynthia’s
place and we saw an old lady who Cynthia
told me she is her grandmother, Cynthia
greet her and she enters, I felt like greeting
her but since she won’t hear me I kukuma
keep mute and walk in..
We entered Cynthia’s room and we sat on
her bed, we discuss for a while till when
she told me she want to take her bath so I
quickly excuse her. I went out and I waited
for about 30 minutes, yet she no gree do
finish. Nawa o, girls no go ever change till
Jesus come. I said out loud..
Cynthia : promise I de hear you o, just
enter am done..(she sounded from inside)
Me : ok o.. (I quickly enter)
Cynthia : now am done, so where do we
Me : the riverside
Cynthia : for what?
Me : that’s were nifemi normally goes when
she is not happy.

We got to the riverine area and we sit and
wait her, we were there for almost 1 hour
but there were no sign of her, Cynthia was
getting sick of waiting, but I keep begging
her to relax. Like a talk of the devil, a great
wind bursted out of the river and I saw
nifemi coming out of it, I quickly tap
Cynthia and I point toward the river “see
that’s nifemi “.
Nifemi : Mr promise, what do you want
from me?
Me : Nifemi please I came to beg for your
forgiveness, please forgive me
Nifemi : please don’t beg me, am not God!
Me : Nifemi I promise I no go do am again,
abeg na small piking de do me.
Nifemi : who is that girl standing over
Me : she is with me..
Nifemi : you mean she can see you?
Me : yes!
Nifemi : how dare you bring a human
here ?
Me : nifemi am sorry nah, please don’t be
Nifemi : stop begging me..
As she stood up and try to leave the
vicinity, something like a great lighting
strike her and she fell on the ground


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