Cynthia walks straight to where Nino was
Cynthia : uncle Nino, please can I see you
in private?
Nino : why private and not here?
Cynthia : please just hear me out..
Nino : ok! Let’s go then..
They both walked out of the sitting room
and I also followed them..
Nino : am here now, so tell me what really
Cynthia : your brother promise asked me to
tell you something, his spirit is right here
now, and he asked me to tell you he is
sorry for the pain he had caused you, he
said nifemi trapped his spirit within the
realm of life and death he only has two
days left before he finally exit the world..
Nino : and how do you want me to believe
your words?
Cynthia :right from my childhood, I have
the ability to see the dead ones and also
things ordinary people can’t see..
Nino : sorry that’s not enough to convince
me madam..
Cynthia : ok! He told me there is a blue
diary under his bed, and at the front page
has “STORY OF MY LIFE “written large on
Nino : are you sure of this?
Cynthia : yes am very sure..
Nino : ok! Let’s go..
He lead Cynthia to my room and he
checked under my bed for the diary, and he
saw it the way Cynthia had prescribed.
Nino looked at Cynthia with surprise and
eyes full of tears, he couldn’t believe his
eyes he quickly rushed out of my room and
inform others about this and they were also
Oluzo : sorry miss! Are you sure he is here
with you? (crying)
Cynthia : yes!

Nino : please tell him I have wandered on
this great wilderness men called life and the
rain of sorrow has beaten me, tell him I
have no kin and brother.. tell him death
has made war upon our house, my good
brother and the only part of me is no
more.. (he paused and wept bitterly)
Nino : let those gone before(our parents)
take note, they have treated their offspring
badly.. alas! A snake has bitten me, my
right arm is broken and the tree on which I
lean on has fallen.. promise if you get
there, tell them, tell mum, Nike and dad
they have done us evil.. ask then why they
are idle there while we suffer and eat sand,
tell them how crow and vultures hover
always above our broken fence (heart)..
I cried bitterly as Nino was talking, my body
could no longer bear it as I sat helplessly
on the floor, tpumpy and the other guys
around took Nino in and they pet him like a
baby who just fall from a bench..
Tpumpy : *crying*and we did all our best to
get him back but it was much out of our
power..(he added )
Cynthia : he can hear you, but the only
problem is, you can’t hear him…it seems
my visit is doing more harm than good, I
guess it’s time I go home ..
They all bid her farewell and she walked
out of the building with eyes full of tears


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