DIANA (Tales Of A Mermaid) PART 9


Joy: Diana!!!!!!
She shouted as I jerked upwards.
Me: hey, why did you scream my name like
Joy: have been calling you for the past five
minutes but you were not answering me..
Me: sorry, my mind was preoccupied.
Joy: can you share your thoughts with me?
Me: hmm, just forget about it. Its nothing
Joy: well, if you say so. Can I have your
mathematics note book.
Me: for what?
Joy: don’t tell me you were in wonderland
when the mathematics teacher came here,
demanding we all submit our assignment
before they ring the bell for break.
Me: *pretending* lol, I was only pulling
your leg. Here, take and submit it for me..
I said as I gave her the mathematics book.
she opened it and cross checked it.
Joy: good, everything you did is correct.
She said as she stood up and walked
I was still there thinking when I felt a cold
touch upon my shoulder, I trembled and
looked up. It was Tracy who came to my sit
with a smile on her face.
Tracy: permit me..
She said as she sat down right besides me.
I looked around and the whole class where
busy staring at us.
Me: *d–n, the whole class is looking at
Tracy: *whispering* so what say you?
Me: *silent*
Tracy: have you made up your mind?
Me: *silent*
Tracy: Diana!!
Me: *silent*

By this time, some students were busy
giggling because I snob her. Tracy
eventually got tired, she stood up and left
in anger. Just then, Joy walked inside.
Joy: *sitting down* hey what did you do
that made Tracy very angry?
Me: nothing, I just ignored her when she
was talking to me that’s all.
Joy: strange, where you not the same
person admiring her beauty all this while?
Me: abegee, did you have any water there
with you?
Joy: yes, my bottle water is here with me.
Me: help me with it please.
I said as an Idea got into my head. Am
going to disgrace Tracy right here in
school. Everybody will see that she is a
mermaid right now.
I collected the water and walked to where
she was sitting down, pretending to be
drinking the water. I did as if I stumbled
against something and I fell on her making
sure that I poured all the water on her body
during this process.
Everybody: hahahahahahaha
they all laughed as Tracy was d–n soak,
the white cloth glued on her body making
her b—-t more visible but I wasn’t
laughing. I was surprised she didn’t
transform into a mermaid. How come?
Tracy was filled with shame at the way the
students were laughing at her. She ran out
of the class with tears in her eyes.
Joy: what did you that for?
She asked immediately I came back to my
Me: nothing. I stumbled and fell.
Joy: please don’t lie to me. Even a little
baby will know that you did that on
Me: *silent*
Joy: I just hope you know what you are up
Yea she is right, I f—-d up big time and I
know that Tracy will be back for me.
Tracy’s side of the story continues
I was very angry and ashamed. So Diana
wanted to disgrace and exposed me all
these while. Thank goodness I brought my
special necklace with me or my secret
would have been exposed.
Me: Diana, you have bitten more than you
can chew, be prepared for war!!!!!!

To be continued


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