DIANA (Tales Of A Mermaid) PART 5


The Queen of the mermaids was seen with
her girls in the middle of the sea. She was
really happy. Before her was her eleven
mermaids daughters.
Queen: Tracy step out.
She said and Tracy came out and bowed
before her.
Tracy: long live the Queen.
Queen: am really happy Tracy. You have
made me proud.
Tracy: how?
Queen: by bringing Diana to this place. I
have foreseen her future and guess what?
Tracy: what my Queen?
Queen: she will be the greatest mermaid of
all times.
Tracy: wow, but how are we going to
convert her. I know she isn’t happy about
all these. You could have seen the way she
ran home when I left her in the shore. Like
someone being chased by a wild dog.
All: hahahhahahahahahahaha.
Queen: I know she will be afraid of us but
don’t worry. After dealing with her brutally,
she will have no choice than to crawl on
her knees begging to be converted into a
Tracy: that is true queen mother. Your
words are always right.
Queen: one again I am happy because of
you. We need blood and you are the right
person for this job. I have been observing
engineer Mike for sometime now and I
think his cup is filled up.
Tracy: how am I going to kill him queen
Queen: he shall be passing through his
normall route this night. All you need do is
to go and stand there. He never resists and
beautiful girl and he shall never resist you,
a mermaid. Go and bring blood to our
altar. Go!!!!!!!
Tracy: *bowing again* Yes queen mother.
She said and disappeared.
Tracy swam to the shore and looked
around, nobody was around and the place
was very quiet.
She wore her special necklace and her tail
was converted into legs before she walked
out of the river heading towards her target.
Meet Engineer Mike. A huge, fat and robust
man. Just as the name implies, he is an
engineer and also a dangerous flirt. He is
still a bachelor at the age of 48 years old
due to his reckless life. Chasing young and
pretty girls is his hobby.

Engineer Mike was busy looking left and
right at the road looking for any girl he
would pick and spend the night with.
He was busy searching when his eyes fell
on a young and beautiful girl. The most
beautiful girl he has ever seen. without
wasting time, he slowed down the speed of
his Benz and whined down the front glass.
Engineer Mike: hello beautiful?
Tracy: hi handsome.
Engineer Mike: wow, you look so pretty. By
the way where are you going to, I can drop
you off at any place you mention.
Tracy: well nowhere in particular.
Engineer Mike: why not come with me to
my house. Believe me, you will enjoy your
stay with me..
Tracy: no prob.
She said and entered inside his car as they
both drove off.
He parked his car and came out with Tracy.
Tracy: hope your wife won’t be angry
seeing me?
Engineer mike: no, she in America with my
He lied as Tracy smiled inwardly. She knew
he was lying.
They both entered inside the room and
engineer mike took her to his bedroom.
Engineer Mike: I will take the first bath.
He said as he removed his cloth and
entered inside the bathroom.
He came back minutes later and Tracy
entered inside.
About fifteen minutes later she came out
with only a towel tied around her chest.
Engineer Mike gasped as his eyes beheld
the most beautiful girl he has ever seen.
Before he could say Jack, she let go of the
towel walking straight towards him on the
bed fully naked.

To be continued


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