DIANA (Tales Of A Mermaid) PART 3


We were still under water when a beautiful
girl came out and blew a horn. The sound
of the horn shook the whole building to its
I looked at Tracy and observed that she
and her friends were standing in a line.
The girls divided themselves into two
straight lines. About five girls including
Tracy were standing at the left side and
five other girls were standing at the right.
In the middle of the girls stood a throne,
designed with precious stones and many
I was still standing there when a huge
mermaid. The size of a big bus swam into
the building. Immediately her tail touched
the ground, it became two legs.
I looked at her closely and behold, she was
the prettiest thing I have ever seen. Her
beauty surpasses that of Tracy and the
other mermaid girls.
Her human form was normall but her
mermaid form was very very big. In her
hand was a trident, on her head lay a
crown. Her hair was so long that it was
touching the ground.
The whole girls bowed down while I stood
still, peeing on my body.
She came close to me, her eyes were green
unlike the rest mermaids that theirs were
She held my face and looked into my eyes,
I felt my whole body shook under her cold
touch. She left me, walking to her throne
and I bowed down before her.
Wait a minute, I didn’t mean to bow. She
must have used a dark power over me..
The queen sat down and the girls slowly
stood up.
Queen: welcome to our world Diana!
She said and two things got me marveled.
One was her voice, they were the most
tender and sweetest voice I have heard
both in real life and movies and secondly,
who told her my name?
Queen: you have been disturbing Tracy my
daughter for some time now, seeking to
know the mystery behind her beauty. Well I
told her to bring you here for you to see
things for yourself. I have foreseen your
future, you will make a powerful and
beautiful mermaid. Take a look at yourself
for example, you are very beautiful and yet
you haven’t been converted to a mermaid.
A little touch is all you need and you shall

I looked at Tracy, she was smiling. I looked
at the other beautiful girls, some were
smiling while others were looking.
Queen: however, converting you into a
mermaid is your choice. We are not going
to turn you into a mermaid if you are
against it. You have seen things for
yourself so far. You have seen how
beautiful we are. We can make you
beautiful and powerful and yes, you will
really like it. We shall make you a god
among humans. All you need is to say yes.
This is the opportunity I have been waiting
for, not being a mermaid oo. Running out
of this place and never coming back.
Me: erm, I am going to think about it..
I said trying to be very wise. Though being
very beautiful is my top priority, being a
mermaid is the last thing I will do in the
next life to come, not even this life.
Queen: very good. Tracy, take her back to
the shore. Our meeting is about to start
and humans should not be around, only
Thank God, thank goodness. Thank Baba
God o. Tracy came, gave me the same
herbs to eat and in no time, we were
swimming back to dry land.
Tracy: make sure you think about it and be
She said immediately we were back to dry
Tracy: I have to go now, see you in school
She said and dived back into the water.
I turned round and dashed home with full
speed. Never will I come back to his place.
Never will I speak to Tracy again. It’s all
I said running home to meet my parents,
my lovely parents!

To be continued


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