DIANA (Tales Of A Mermaid) PART 20


I was in my room watching some of my Tv
program when my mother came and
hugged me tightly. What is the reason
behind her joy? I don’t know.
All I know for now is that I am extremely
happy. I haven’t seen Tracy for close to a
month now. My family was very peacefull.
Just like in the good old days.
Mum: I knew you could do it?
Me: do what?
Mum: I knew it. I knew you are going to
make me proud.
Me: please mum, can you tell me what is
actually going on right here?
Mum: take a look at this!
She said and gave me her cell phone. I
took it and looked at the content of the
Me: ahhhhhh!!!!!!
I screamed in joy and happiness. I got 230
as an aggregate score in my JAMB exam.
Enough to get me into any university of my
choice and my applied course was micro
I hugged my mum tightly. She also hugged
me and kissed me at my fore head.
Mum: we are gonna celebrate it.
My dad came inside our house. We didn’t
even bother to greet him because he were
looking dull and gloomy while I was on the
floor crying.
Dad: what’s going on here?
All: *silent*
Dad: can someone please talk to me?
All: *silent*
Dad: Diana what’s wrong?
Me: *silent for awhile before I spoke* Dad,
dad, my jamb..
Dad: your Jamb? What about it.
Me: my score, my score..
Dad: don’t tell me, don’t tell me you failed
All: *silent*
Dad: can I see the text message you
I gave him the phone, he collected it with
Dad: what!!!!! 230?
Me and my mum: hahahahaha, got you!
Dad: *breathing very hard and fast* please
don’t do that again. Do you want to give
me a heart attack?
Me: sorry dad.
Mum: hahaha. Heart attack indeed?
Dad: come and give daddy a hug.
I came and gave him a big hug.
Dad: bring champagne lets pop.
He said as my mum quickly went to the
fridge to bring the drinks. My dad took his
phone and made some few calls, he was
calling the vice chancellor of uniport.
I smiled to myself. That’s one thing about
Nigeria. With connections, you can go
anywhere and as for me, my admission is

I came to university of port Harcourt. My
dad always wanted me to go to a private
university but I don’t like them. I want to
go to a university where I will be able to
mingle with different people from different
classes not to go to a university where I
will be surrounded by the rich.
Since university of port Harcourt was my
choice, my dad with his connections
secured an admission for me without any
I was coming back from the faculty of
science. I have already gotten my matrix
number and an accommodation but the
problem is that I can’t locate my hostel.
Me: hello
Guy: hi, how can I help you.
Me: please am finding difficulty in locating
my hostel.
Guy: oh, you must be a fresher. What’s
your name.
Me: Diana.
Guy: lol, so Alhaji Tekno was actually
singing for you.
Me: hahaha, funny dude. You don’t know
me but yet, we are relating like long time
Guy: that’s my life for you. Diana, you can
call me Idris.
Me: nice name. What course are you
applying for?
Idris: course? Am a 200l student of Micro
Me: oh sorry.
Idris: what about you?
Me: I applied for same course as you.
Idris: very nice. So Diana, can I show you
to your hostel?
Me: with pleasure.
Idris: alhaji tekno!
Me: lol, better stop it o.
What happened next?

To be continued


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