DIANA (Tales Of A Mermaid) PART 18


Mr Augustine kept his phone and smiled.
Mr Augustine: My wife and her funny
instinct. Abeg nothing will happen to me
joor. Women!!
He said as he parked his car, came down
and walked inside the brothel with a smile
on his face.
He has just been paid his salary and the
first thing on his mind was to satisfy his
lustful urge.
Mr Augustine: I can’t wait to have three
rounds of hot s-x with my special hot
He walked to the room where his special s-
x worker do stay. On his way, he stopped
because of something amazing.
Never for once have he beheld such sight
again. The girl standing at the corner was
the most prettiest girl he have ever seen all
through his life.
He quickly forgot about his special baby
and walked to where the pretty and
amazing girl was standing.
Mr Augustine: hello beautiful.
Girl: *with a shy smile* hi!
Mr Augustine: I have never seen you here
Girl: that’s because I just started working
her about three days ago.
Mr Augustine: *hmmm, that means she is
still very fresh* Can I know your name?
Girl: *with a smile exposing her cute
dimples* yea, Sandra.
Mr Augustine: oh Sandra, you are very
Sandra: thanks a lot.
Mr Augustine: do you care to spend the
night with me?
Sandra: why not, just pick any hotel of
your choice.
Mr Augustine: splendid. We should go over
to five star hotel.
Sandra: ok, am all yours. As long as there
is money in your hand, my back will be
always on the ground for you…
Mr Augustine: yeaaaa

Mr Augustine and Sandra booked a room
where they both entered and locked the
Mr Augustine: do you care for a drink?
Sandra: yes of course.
Mr Augustine: * picked a telephone* please
bring three bottles of red labeled drink to
room 203.
He dropped the telephone and in no time,
his order what brought to him.
He poured some of the content into two
glass cups, he gave one to Sandra and the
other, he took.
They both drank in silence for a while
before Sandra stood up and went to the
She later came back with only a towel tied
around her waist.
Mr Augustine: wow, I said it before and I
am not afraid neither am I ashamed to say
it again. You are the most prettiest being
on earth.
She only smiled and dropped the towel.
She stood before him unclad and started to
walk towards him. Her boobs where
pointed and her hips shot out.
Mr Augustine couldn’t take it anymore. He
was fully aroused. His d–k was
threatening to tear off his trousers.
She came close to him, seductively climbed
on the bed and advanced towards him.
As she got close enough, she held his face
and gave him a very deep kiss. His hands
quickly located her boobs and he started
pressing them.
Just then, his phone rang and he checked
What happened next?
Who was the person that called him?
Will Sandra succeed in her mission or not?

To be continued


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