DIANA (Tales Of A Mermaid) PART 1

DIANA (Tales Of A Mermaid) PART 1


I was surprised when Tracy took me to a
huge sea, very huge and deep that noone
can swim to the middle without being killed
or swallowed by the water.
Tracy: Diana, this is the place.
Me: you mean here.
I said looking all around the place.
Me: how is this place connected to your
I asked her in total confusion.
Tracy: hahaha. Are you sure you will be
able to handle it. Remember, if you are not
able to handle this secret you will die!!
Me: haba, I will handle the secret, just
show me the secret behind this your beauty
and nothing shall I ever asked from you
Tracy: ok if you say so.
She said and looked everywhere to ensure
that nobody was looking at us. Then she
got close to the water and immediately the
water touched her, I almost jumped out of
my skin.
Me: Je…….!!!!!!
I hooked as I remembered my promise of
keeping her secret a secret.
Tracy: hahaha.
She laughed. Immediately the water
touched her, she changed into a mermaid
or mami water as you guys do called it.
Me: I think I want to go home now.
I said as I turned back wanting to run
home. She laughed and looked at me with
her blue eyes and my legs were fixed in a
particular spot, I couldn’t move neither
could I even turn.
Tracy: you think I will let you go after
seeing this? Never!! The whole world will
definitely here of it. You are going to follow
me now.
She commanded and I began to move
towards her. From her waist to her feet
were not in human form, it was a long
beautiful tail with scales and fins to enable
her swim efficiently.
When I got close to her, she held me and
dived into the water.

I couldn’t breathe well but her own case
was totally different. She could breathe
and talk under water.
She kept assuring me as she held me tight
swimming very fast like a submarine deep
down into the sea.
I was out of breathe. She left me as she
swam very fast to were some under water
plants were growing. She plucked some
and swam back to me..
Tracy: eat this!!
She said giving me the underwater plants. I
hurriedly took it from her and ate it.
After thirty seconds of eating the plant, my
breathe was fully restored and I could also
talk and breathe under water.
Me: what did you give me to eat?
I asked horrified.
Tracy: don’t be afraid. Those herbs will
make you have control under water but it
won’t last long so you are advised to swim
very fast and follow me.
Me: to where?
Tracy: common Diana, you ask too much
questions just follow me..
She said. I was not a good swimmer so
she held me and the two of us were
swimming fast to the unknown place she is
taking me to.
At this stage in time, I didn’t know if I
should be afraid or angry, happy or sad for
my life.
Here am I swimming very fast with a
mermaid to an unknown place. I was afraid
but yet still amazed. Under water feels
great. The temperature here was cool and
enjoyable with different fishes of different
shape, size, colour and species swimming
round us.
They weren’t afraid of Tracy as she do
touch or hold them but my case was
different as they were afraid and running
away from me..
We continued swimming to the place where
she is taking me to.
Me: *in my mind* Oh God deliver me!!

To be continued

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