“You should go home now.” Jide said
slowly, his son’d been staring at Sasha’s
motionless body for hours without a blink;
if his eyes could heal-Sasha should be well.
“which home?” Kenny asked-eyes still fixed
on Sasha.
“we should take a cab back to the hotel,
you’ve been here since morning, and its
close to 11pm now.” Jide replied patting
his son- the boy was getting lean by the
day, he hardly spoke or smile not to talk of
“Big daddy isn’t here yet.” Kenny
noted,edging closer to Sasha;like she could
stop his father from taking him away.
“He’d be here in a few seconds, Dr Krishna
asked to speak with him.”
“Dr Krishna..” Kenny echoed. The name
reminded him of an Indian movie he and
Sasha had seen on cable.
“Lemme say something to her before we
Jide simply sighed, crossing his legs.
Watching his son talking to Sasha wasn’t a
very good sight; as it might force tears
down your face.
“Sassy…I believe you can hear me; the
‘coma’ not withstanding” Kenny began.
“Dr Krishna said; your kidneys are good,
but the problem now could be your brain…
He said its ‘stressed’ out. I wish I could
share my own brain with you. But still, I
believe in God’s name, that you’ll be fine.”
he caressed her arm.
“lest I forget, yesterday was my birthday;
nobody wished me well…remember our
plans? How you promised to buy me
something ‘special’? Big mummy’s been
crying, Kola stopped going to school, Big
Daddy is so lean…we miss you Sassy. We
hope you’ll talk to us soon.” he concluded
steping back.
“she might hear you.” Williams said
startling him. He had walked into the room
to meet Kenny in his ‘state’.
“sure” Kenny replied.
“thanks alot…for your support.” Williams
said to Jide who simply smiled.
“any news?”
“Yea…” Williams avoided their eyes.
“he’s just saying the chances are getting
thinner by the day, he mention something
about her nervous system. They might take
her off ‘life support’ soon” Williams said
“But we aint asking them too.” Jide
“They can’t try such! We would hang on for
as long as our faith stretches.”
“Dad? Did you see that?” Kenny nudged his
father bewildered.
“what?” Williams and Jide chorused as
Kenny kept pointing at Sasha.
“like… she just tapped her right fingers.”
Kenny replied with a nod.
“Seriously?” Jided asked with unbelief.
Just then, her eye balls moved though with
closed eyelids, she tapped both fingers
“Oh my God!” Kenny was gasping.
“Doctor!” the three of them sped to the

“Sister, you’ll have to wait o! This woman’s
condition is getting worse o” an elderly
nurse told Cassandra who was in a hurry to
leave the hospital.
“hmm” Cassandra rolled her eyes, who
“the labour is becoming a prolonged one,
she’s very weak. We might consider
‘operation’ o” the nurse continued.
“Okay, thanks.” Cassandra made to leave.
“You’re living just like that?”
“Am I the one who impregnated her? Whats
my own there? Ehn? See leave me alone,
else I’ll unleash my frustration on you o!”
Cassandra replied angrily.
“That witch is responsible for what
happened to my sister, she…she…made…
now my Sister is…” Cassandra sobbed.
Wiping her tears, she stormed out of the
hospital. She fought back tears, -just when
her family was coming back to its normal
stable state…
“God please…” she muttered.
“send me taxi…” she scanned the tarred
“Taxi!” she finally flagged one down.
She got in without a word.
“Sisi, where are you going to?” the driver
moved the taxi back on the hot-tarred road.
“my fathers house!” she snapped.
“Your father house no get address ?”
“whats your problem now? Don’t I know
where i’m going? Move this can you call a
car jor!” she retorted angrily.
“abeg o! No just put your own wahala for
my head o,” the taxi driver replied.
“see I don’t wanna talk! Puuullease move
this thing” she wiped a tear.
“your person no well abi?”
“what kind of raw trouble is this?”
Cassandra hissed, she might be forced to
strangle somebody.
The taxi driver miraculously kept quite, as
he took directions from her.

To be continued


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