Barbra sniffed loudly as her teary eyes
scanned Sasha’s bedroom. Nothing to
indicate a female owns the room, no pink
designs, no floral wallpapers; the wall’s
painted cream, the curtains tom were
cream with a few brown dots; then a small
table, with neat stack of books and chinese
collections. The room looked neat in its
own way, just that the owner was absent to
add more glamour to it.
Barbra would never forgive herself, what
kind of mother was she? Her own
daughter? She almost fainted when she
learnt Sasha was flown abroad, she wasn’t
even given a chance to see what her child
looks like.
Slowly she buried her face in her palms
and her body shook with sobs.
“Iya Kemi, Jide just called that they’re fine
and also…” Ashley walked into the room,
but stoped halfway as she met her sister’s
sorrowful condition.
“still crying? I’ve told you all would be well.”
she felt sorrowful too.
“I know.” Barbra pushed her hands away,
who was she deceiving.
“wheres Kenny?” she asked. That boy need
to explain things to her, how on earth could
he not know about her illness all along?
“Need I remind you, that he went with
them? Jide went with them too so won’t
start asking where he is.” Ashley frowned,
folding her her arms.
“Maybe you should try to be nice! I don’t
need some mean sister around me.” Barbra
Ashley simply rolled her eyes.
“stop doing that to me! Don’t you know
how I feel? I know you all are casting
blames on me…” she broke into fresh sobs
“Nobody’s blaming you, you’re the best
mother any child can have. C’mon sister
mi, I’m sorry okay. But you have to put
yourself together.” Ashley tried to hold her.
“Fi mi le jor! Wheres Cassie?”
“You asked her to take some food to
“Oh!” Barbra rubbed her aching forehead,
while her sister left the room irritated.
She picked a pillow to cuddle it, its
softness could heal her heart. Her eyes
caught a fancy book beneath the pillow,
without a second thought she picked the
‘SASHA WILLIAMS’ was written on the
front cover in silver.
“Hmmn” Barbra sighed as she flipped open
the pages, it looks more like a slum book.
The writtings looked old, the first page has
the handwritting of a little child-it read;
Things change in life, your lovers become
you haters. Mum doesn’t like me no more,
she called me I’m scared.”
Its Christmas day, I am not wearing my
new clothes, nobody cares.”
“January -9-2005
I have stomach ache, I vomited two times,
my leg is shaking. Daddy said I must go to
school. I hate dad. I told mum, she patted
my head and went off.”
I am happy, Kenny is in my school now.
Thanks to Aunty Ashley.”
Mum took me to a prophet, they said I am
a witch, they want to cut my hair. I am
“December -15-2005
Its my birthday, mummy and daddy forgot,
Cassie stole my biro, Kola bite my arm.”
new year resolution. Not playing with Kola
and Cassie anymore, I won’t tell mummy
any gist, I won’t run to welcome daddy
anymore, I won’t hug Dapo no more, and I
still love aunty Kemi and my Kenny”
plans working right, I’m now living for
myself alone. Everybody sees me as an
outcast, who cares?”

Barbra trembled as her fingers flipped the
pages open, the writting were getting
clearer as it became more structured
Daddy sent me packing to Lagos, I hate the
back home now, mum’s showing me love,
daddy’s got a new Missy. I wonder if
mum’s love is genuine.
I’m pains, am I gonna continue like this?
Nobody to talk to? My stomach is on fire,
God please help me”
Barbra closed the book as tears blurred her
vision, she was a ‘failure’. She made her
own daughter go t through all that, she
was the reason behind Sasha’s rudeness
and illness?
“please my baby forgive me.” she
whispered as fresh tears flowed from her
“Mummy! Mum…” Kola ran excitedly into
the room with Ashley.
Barbra looked on bemused as they
performed some dance steps.
“Sister mi! Ishe toh Oluwa ti she, ko le baje
rara! Guess what?” Ashley laughed.
“Joyce gave birth?” Barbra asked
“forget that one jor o! Its Sasha! The
doctors over there confirmed, she needs no
more Kidney transplant o” Ashley shook
her sister.
“she’s okay now?” Barbra didn’t know
whether to laugh or cry.
“errm….she’s still undergoing treatments…
she’s not yet out of the comatose stuff.”
Kola sighed.
“hmm…thank God” Barbra wiped her tears.
“Excuse me.” she hurried out of the room
taking the book with her.
“What’s wrong with her?” Ashley asked
Kola, who simply shrugged.
“can’t wait to have Sasha back home, I’ll
use all the money in my piggy bank to
organise a party for her.” Kola said
excitedly as he and Ashley shared their joy.

To be continued


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