Sasha caressed her flat stomach
soothingly, if not for anything to appease
the ‘witches an wizards’ feasting on her
stomach wall. She rolled her eyes as she
heard Kemi laughing across the room, as
usual everybody’s chit-chatting and
laughing their ‘hearts’ out, all she could do
was manage a smile.
That wasn’t hunger or menstrual pain or
anything related to it, the pain she’s feeling
is one she’s become so used to-that its
become part and parcel of her. It came
once or twice every month and stays on for
few hours each time it ‘visited’ . At such
times, she would remain mute, cos if she
dared talk too much; she’d end up
coughing out her internal organs.
Its been like that all her life, no one knew
about it not even Kenny or her parents, she
was good at keeping such secrets- if not
for anything but for fear of hospital and its
‘applications’. If her family were good
observers, they’d have known, because of
how sweaty she becomes and how she
trembled each time she tried to talk.
“Sassy what’s up nah? You’ve been staring
at the ceiling since, or are you missing
Joyce already?” Kenny asked with a half
Sasha simply smiled and lowered her eyes.
“don’t worry o, we’ll be going back home
tomorrow, sho gbo?” Ashley joined the
“ehn, she can go. atleast Kenny promised
to stay back.” Kemi teased
“that’s good to know.” Sasha croaked
wiping her sweaty palms on her skirt,
before proceeding to flick away some
sweat trickling down her face.
“awww…she’ve got a frog in her throat.”
Tunji laughed.
“and don’t tell me you’re sweating in an
‘air-conditioned’ room o” he added.
“lockie…you’re alright?” Kenny asked
looking concerned as Sasha rose to her
“I have a cough.” Sasha croaked, walking
steadily to the hall way.
“Cough? How comes?” Kenny followed her.
“Better follow your wife and beg her not to
fall sick o.” Tunji called after them.
Kenny leaned against the wall, hand folded
across his chest, as he watched his best
friend and ‘sister’; lay on her stomach, eyes
shut and lips pursed. All wasn’t well, he
knew that. This wasn’t the first time he’s
seeing her do that, maybe it’s one of her
numerous ‘attitudes’.
“You’re gonna tell me what’s up now.” he
“Kenny, leave me. I’m just fine” she
“No way!” he shook his head.
“What kinda attitude are you putting up?
This isn’t the first time you’re doing this,
each time you just go on saying you have
a cough? What sort of cough is it that
come up more than twelve times a year?”
Sasha continued in her position, he should
bring the whole building down if he could,
he isn’t going to get her tell it out.
“Com’n Sassy…its me Kenny, when did we
start having secrets we keep from each
other?” Kenny asked in a low voice.
“I’m fine!” she snapped.
“But…” Kenny stopped halfway, when he
saw her sped towards the toilet.
“Sassy?” he followed her in.
There she was clutching onto her stomach
whilst coughing continuously.
“Sorry…” he patted her back till she stopped
Sasha sighed, as she walked out of the
toilet, she felt some kind of relief sweep
over her; the pains died away, even her
seat palms became void of moisture.
That was it! She mused, she should be
expecting it after some weeks again.
“you need some tablets for cold.” Kenny
noted sitting beside her.
“Yea doc.” Sasha smiled, her voice back to
normal, the croaky sound gone.
“thank me later.” he winked.
“I told I was fine, you didn’t believe me.”
“Why should I? When you’re just sweating
like what I don’t know.” Kenny mused.
“Sasha! Kenny! Come over here, a chinese
movie is on!” Tunji’s voice rang in from the
living room.
“Yea baby…its my kung fu! Wu cha!” Sasha
said excitedly hopping out of the room.
Kenny kept staring at the doorway, mouth
opened. That surely wasn’t the girl he saw
wrigling like an earthworm few minutes
ago. There’s more to all that drama,
something Sasha had never told him about.
But why would she keep anything that
strange from him?
“Kenny! Come and see…its Jackie chan
starring Jet Li o!” Sasha called out
Shaking his head from side to side, he
dragged his feet to the living room. She’s a
strange being he concluded.
Gasping for air; Joyce struggled back to
reality from her Dreamland.
“It was a dream…” she continued to pant
Yet another evil dream? For weeks she’d
dread ‘sleeping’. It’s always two monsters
chasing after her, all trying to snuff life out
of her.
“who did I offend nah?” she looked around
Its either someone’s taken her name to a
herbalist or witches are fighting against
her- she mused. Managing to sit up amidst
pains, she let her eyes travel round the
Different sets of baby things hung in
different sections, she’ve spent alot on her
unborn child- courtesy Williams. Her unborn
child? She caressed her stomach. The child
was due delivery, but whatever is stopping
it from coming…almost two weeks gone
past the normal nine months.
Some people are surely behind her
‘condition’, – she sighed.
She’d go see a doctor, even if it means her
having ‘knives’ on her, she wants that baby
out…she couldn’t continue in pains- She
thought as she struggled to her feet.
Who knows, maybe the child was scared of
coming into a world where he or she won’t
be valued?
She sighed again, bending to pick the night
cap that fell off her head. Just then, she
felt the pain she’ve been expecting for
days, her water broke.
Barbra was laughing heartily with her
daughter Cassandra, as she chattered like a
programmed machine, telling her all sort of
jokes; when she heard someone scream.
“Did you hear that?” she asked
“yea…” Cassandra stopped laughing.
The scream came again, startling them.
“mum its in this house.” Cassandra jumped
looking frightened.
“ah ahn! Whats happening?” Barbra rose to
her feet.
“Where’s Joyce?”
“Dunno…should be in her room.” Cassandra
“Somebody help!” Joyce wailed
“oh my God!” Barbra rushed towards the
Cassandra took a step but stood back, who
was she going to help? Definitely not

“Cassie…get me my car keys, we’re going
to the hospital…” Barbra rushed out of the
room carrying a baby basket.
“I said …my car keys! Joyce is in Labour.”
“joyce is in labour? So what?” Cassandra
eyed her mother.
“Cassie, if truly I gave birth to you, get my
keys from the dresser upstairs.” Barbra
snarled before dashing back to Joyce.
“lord have mercy on my mother!”
Cassandra mumbled agrily as she went to
get the keys.
“mum…like seriously? This woman
hypnotised you or what?” Cassandra asked
in disbelief as she watched her mother help
the wailing Joyce out of the house.
“shut your big mouth! Bring that basket
along!” Barbra shouted at her daughter
who picked up the basket grumbling.
“Sassy…see you later in the evening.”
Kenny waved, as Sasha walked towards her
home, waving back at them as the Cab
sped away.
“Mallam, good af’noon.” Sasha greeted the
gateman who seemed pleased to see her.
“small madam! I welcome o.” the gateman
tried to collect her bag.
“no…nevermind thanks.” she smiled
“mum’s home?”
“No everybody I don comot.”
“Even Cassie?” she asked.
“everybody! Cassie I comot na for madam
“okay thanks.” Sasha replied- disappointed.
Nobody’s home to welcome her from the
‘journey’, not even a welcome hug for doing
so well in her post-utme.- she sulked
kicking the footmat. Picking the keys, she
opened the door…even Joyce wasn’t home?
She hissed.
“Thank God o, for a wonderful journey.
Welcome back to your father’s house.” she
welcomed her self, throwing her bag to the
floor. Walking briskly to the kitchen, she
began to outline what and what she’d eat.
“To start with..” she smiled opening the
fridge. She grabbed a bottle of water and
started to gulp it down. Her eyes caught
something on the burner.
“Chicken stew?” her eyes shone, as
grabbed a plate and started offloading the
“Ope o! God said I shouldn’t die of hunger.”
she sang happily.
She lifted a chicken lap to her lips, her
hands froze, her lips chattered.
Those demons in her stomach were at it
again- she mused washing her rembling
She wiped the sweat already trickling down
her face, her legs trembled under her
“Not again.” she croaked, as she layed
down on the tiled Kitchen floor.
Her head felt turgid, she could smell blood,
she swallowed hard to prevent it from
coming up her throat.
Her teeth continued to chatter as her wet
palms caressed her stomach.
“Ease up…pleeease” she croaked.
She felt a movement in her chest, it was
coming up faster than she could control…
she vomited blood.
She cringed at the sight of her own blood.
She struggled to a kneeling position, her
body continued to tremble.
“kenny…” was all she could mutter , and
everything blacked out.

To be continued


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