Cassie walked quickly, making space in the
crowded stairs with
her hands as she left MCB 301 class with a
slight headache. The
jargons used there were still screaming on
her head, as advice
from her seniors were dancing around her
‘Take the course seriously oh, people dey
carry the course wella’
‘Hmn, you go work ehn, you go do practical
til 9pm.’
‘The work hard gan,’
‘Our HOD wicked gan, him dey fail students
oh, no enter him trap
She left the stairs separating Microbiology
from Biochemistry
and headed straight to the bus stop, briefly
stopping to read the
news pasted on Maxwell Newsboard. She
then turned and moved
out of BOOC and called a bike.
‘ SUB bus-stop,’
‘Forty naira,’
Aha, oga, from here to there na forty naira?
There is God oh!
Abeg if you no wan….
She walked away, leaving his mouth
hanging.’Useless olo kada’
she muttered as she walked towards the bus
stop, only relieved
that she was done for the day.
As she got to the bus-stop, she heard
someone call her name.
‘Cassie! Cassie, wait!’
She could have waited, but seeing an army of
students almost
flying to the bus made her rethink. She
hurried and opened the
front seat and hopped in, hoping that the
scramble for seats will
make her caller the chance to speak to her.
And it did.
He ran towards her, panting and sweating.
‘Cassie mi! How far now? You no even check
me after the class
as we agreed.’
‘Woo, its not like that jare, that course wey I
tell you don dey jam
headache scatter my brain.’
‘Eeyah, take it easy oh! Maybe na because
today dey hot,’
‘I go see you for evening be that!’ He finally
ended the chat,
casting a wry smile at her while she blushed
a bit.
‘Ok, don’t forget to bring that book.’
‘Yes ma!’ He replied, mockingly saluting her
before he left.
She watched him, Ade, walk away stylish, as
his little as5
swayed side by side. It was odd and she
knew it, but one of the
things that made her fall in love with him
was his as5. Most
often it was the other way round, and while
he was kinda cute,
his as5 was the game changer for her.
‘ O wa sir,’ she answered by reflex as her
daydreaming about
Adedayo ended.
She stepped out of the bus, paid the man
and walked quickly
along the bush path, her headache
miraculously disappeared by
her day dreaming. As she entered her room
in Maintenance, she
stopped and stared at what the person in
front of her wore.
‘Ehen, see as you shout my name like say
Dog bite you, you
never see worse.’
‘This girl ehen, na God go save you!’
Comfort was slightly shorter than Cassie, fair
skinned like her
and had a Sekxy waist, combined with a
sweet butt and a good
‘frontage’. She however, wore a tight mini
gown which fell just
short of her privates, and leggings to
complete the clothes she
wore. She was applying her make-up when
Cassie arrived.
‘Comfort, e ma pa Tunji Oh! Don’t kill that
guy for his parents!

See whether you wear, even impotent man go
get “O” on top
these clothes!’ She continued to talk, closing
the door behind her
‘Abeg, Don’t start with that yeye way you dey
use spoil my
language. Abi you wan preach to me like
Courage was the third and last roommate in
the room. All three of
them are orphans, although Cassie’s parents
were rich before
they died, so Money-wise, she did not suffer.
Comfort and
Courage found their way somehow through
school up til now.
‘I wan make Tunji shine eye on wetin im dey
spend money on, so
that he go charge wella for me when we do

‘Hmnn… small,small oh. Na so you do leave
Shittu for Shefiu and
Then drop Shefiu for Tunji. Now you dey
carry Tunji rock floor
barely a month after dating, ehen,Comfort, be
careful oh!’ Cassie
advised in a motherly manner.
‘She won’t listen, Cassie, so don’t bother,’
Courage said while
entering into the room. She eyed Comfort for
a while, soaking in
the cloth she wore before uttering ‘Ashewo’
‘Reverend Sister, abeg leave me go
See as you look, na agbero go dey do
“siii,siii” For you now, you
go dey vex.
Na them I dress for? Dem be Tunji?
‘This Tunji no go kill you.’
‘Amen, Alleluia o, Amen!’
Cassie chuckled at Comfort sarcasm as she
wonder how they
( Comfort and Courage) managed to stay in
the same room for a
year without a fight.
‘Such contrasting characters’ She said to
herself as they argued
Abeg, I dey go ‘Guess’ with Tunji, shey you
hear Cassie. Comfort
said, bringing her back to reality.
Hope he is coming with his car, abi you go
meet am for im house
for Asherifa? Courage asked.
Reverend Sister, wetin I do you? See you
cloth dey wear you.
‘That’s not fair, Comfort. Courage’s cloth is
okay’, Cassie said,
as she looked at the gown her third
roommate wore. It was a
long gown, which reached the toe of her foot
but still was catchy
enough to look nice and not out-dated.
‘She even try today’, Comfort said, while
Courage looked on,
eyeing her.
As Courage went to her bed, a knock came
‘Who is that?’ Cassie asked.
Ade poked his head from from the door.
‘Hello sweety.’
Cassie smiled but answered him casually, as
Comfort and
Courage kept themselves busy.
Ade walked towards her confidently and
smiled, ‘Here is the book
you asked me for.’
Cassie face transformed to that of Joy as
Comfort and Courage
looked a bit surprised at her. ‘Thanks.’ she
gushed out at Ade.
‘Na wa o, na on top book you dey do like
this?’ Comfort shot at

To be continued


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