“Didn’t I tell you?” Sophia ignored the
phrase, she had gone to Ness to solicit for
her help. After yelling at Boma, then
dropping Chris with her parents and telling
them about the matter when it was too
late. She decided to see Ness, she had just
arrived from Baltimore, where she was
“You want to fight for the custody of Chris,
you know that you don’t need negative
publicity better apply wisdom and find a
safer solution.” Ness suggested as she sat.
Ness looked at her friend, before she wore
her glasses. “My dear, you are the only
sister I’ve apart from Gina, I don’t want to
see all you worked for go down the drain,
in this life we have to compromise but with
good leverages. If you’re scared that he’d
take the child, then why don’t you sit down
and talk one on one. You are both humans
and can reach a compromise, and by now
you know that your little brother has
married and…” Ness was cut off by
Sophia’s angered look.
“Why are all of you forcing me to
compromise now? Why me?” she said, as
she sat up from the chair.
“Hmm, Sophia, Sophia, how many times
did I call you? If you love yourself and your
life, better listen. You know what to do,
that’s all I can say.”Ness went back to her
chamber books.
“Is that all you are going to say? You guys
don’t understand me, he just wanted to
sleep with me before now he wants to take
away Chris, so should I fold my hand
now?” she said, as she stood angrily.
“Ogini Stop shouting in my office, I’m not
Gina oh!” Ness said, as she lowered her
glasses. Sophia stormed out of the office,
she was angry, pissed off , vexed mention
it. She went to her car and sat down
fuming for some time, then she burst into
“why? What did I do? Why did you create
me this way, to follow this path? What can I
do?” she said, as she hit her hand on the
steering wheel.
After crying out her heart to the empty car,
she wiped her tears and searched in her
mind, should she compromise? what
should she compromise on sef? How would
she go about it? Would he listen to her?
These thoughts roamed her mind as she
went back home.
She needed to think about this deeply.
“You said we should meet Sophia, what’s
wrong?” Sophia sat down opposite Dan in
the restaurant, praying to every available
angel or power to help her out.
“I wanted us to talk about this, er Chris. I’m
sorry I didn’t tell you about him, because I
felt it…” she stopped her explanation as she
caught sight of Funke, coming towards her
and she was heavily pregnant and holding
a toddler.
“Hey Sophia, how are you? I saw you on
the papers last week, you were the face for
Africa’s best design magazine, and I
decided to come over and congratulate
you.” she said, grinning from ear to ear.
Dan gave Sophia a guarded look when he
noticed her tense look and held her hand,
Sophia was shocked so this girl whom she
had beaten the life out of, still had the guts
to greet her. It felt like deja vu of six years

She gave Funke, an equally charming smile
and focused on the toddler, this wasn’t
Gabriel’s child, she must have married
another man, she knew this but she just
wanted to know.
“What of Gabriel by the way?” she asked,
as she looked at Funke in her tie and dye
bubu dress and flat sandals.
“Oh Gabriel, we went our separate ways five
years back, turned out he was a cheat and
he had been comparing me to you, he
thought I was soft hearted like Sophia, but
we all know that we are two different
people, so like I said we went our ways. I’m
married to Joshua now. Sugar hon this was
my best friend I told you about.” she said,
as a tall dark and handsome man walked to
“Its a pleasure to meet such an exemplary
and gorgeous personality like you, Amaka.”
the man said with a flirtarious wink, as they
shook hands, while Dan gave him a
warning glare.
“Congratulations by the way.” Sophia said
politely, because inside of her there was a
turmoil of emotions. But she just pasted a
big fat fake smile on and continued
nodding as Joshua went on and on about
his job and his life and his achievements
and then Funke had to remind him that
they had somewhere to go.
They promised to contact each other.

To be continued


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