For the first time in three months, Maria
had a long, happy chat with her dad. It was
very nice. Her dad had apologised to her,
gave her chocolates and even offered to
take her out for shopping on Saturday.
Gilbert had called her earlier and briefd her
about what happened at Alice’s place.
‘i’m sure they will never get back. I clearly
saw the look of hurt in you father’s eyes’
he had said.
It was nice and she was so happy. When
Tony came back, she knew that they would
be happier without any woman in their
lives. She thanked Gilbert alot over the
phone and even promised to come to his
apartment and probably make up with
However, her dad didnt tell her anything, he
just said he and Alice were over, not
knowing she already knew the full story.
Alice felt like dying, she just felt like
commiting suicide. Nothing was working
out for her at all. She lost Benjamin and
now she was losing Tony, and the similar
thing was she both carried their babies
after losing them.
Then she remembered her mother and how
she had made her go through hell. She
never knew a mother could be so heartless
to her own very daughter. The house
became unbearable for her now and she
thought of moving back to the apartment
she was staying before, the one Benjamin
had bought for her before he died, but she
was scared of going there. It would bring
back memories from before.
And she missed Tony.
She really missed him badly and she kinda
missed Maria as well, and her troubles
She knew she was wrong in alot of things
but she couldnt believe that Tony couldnt
even bother to hear her own side of the
story. He hadnt even visited again since
two weeks now.
She didnt bother going back to the office
because she knew she had already been
sacked, there was no point going there. But
she had half expected him to at least, visit
her once to get a more detailed

And she hadnt seen Gilbert again, that
monster! She was gonna kill him if ever
she sets her eyes on him.
And another strange thing, she hadnt even
seen Amy! Amy wasnt picking her calls or
even returning her calls. It was just that
she didnt feel like leaving the house else
she would have visited her.
Immediately thoughts of Amy entered her
head, she thought of visiting her. She
needed someone to share her problems
with and someone to stay with or spend
some time with to be able to be free from
her devil of a mother.
She was going to visit Amy first, confirm
that everything was okay before returning
to pack her luggage.
Alice knocked twice and Amy opened the
door. The smile on Amy’s face disappeared
immediately she saw Alice.
‘what are you doing here? You traitor’
Alice was taken aback for a moment. A
‘i asked a question, what the hell are you
doing here you two timing b—h!’ Amy said
when Alice didnt answer.
‘me? Amy, are you talking to me?’ Alice
asked, perplexed.
‘no, i’m talking to the baby strapped at your
back,’ Amy replied sarcastically
‘i dont understand’
‘why would you understand? Eh, answer
me why would you understand when all you
know is go around snatching people’s
fiance. Na only that one na you sabi’
Alice opened her mouth to speak but no
words came out.
‘so, you even have a thing for Gilbert, thats
why you were telling me to leave him and
go for Kelvin abi?’
‘excuse me?’

To be continued


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