As Maria gulped the water down her throat,
she thought about the dream she just had
a while ago. She was scared. Because the
dream looked so real she thought she was
gonna die.
Then she thought; this must be a bad sign.
It only means Alice is a bad omen. It only
means that if she does not accept Alice,
she might die and she was sure this dream
was wired from her(Alice) witchcraft coven
to scare her into accepting her. But they
were wrong and they’ve failed, because its
now she will up her game. If she was
lenient and trying to pity Alice, she wouldnt
Tony barged in with red eyes and for a
moment, she thought her dream was finally
coming to pass.
‘dad, wel…….’
‘i want to see you in my room right now!’
he said fiercely and stormed out of the
kitchen and to his room.
Maria was scared. Should she go to his
room or not? What might happen? Will he
kill her or attempt to kill her like in the
After contemplating for some seconds, she
decided to go to his room. She wouldnt run
away from the devil. She must face him
head on.
She went to his room, the door was ajar.
When she peeped in, she saw her dad
sitting on the bed staring into space
looking lost.
‘dad, i…..’
‘come inside’ he said. His voice wasnt
frightening nor was it gently. She shrugged
lightly and entered the room, not closing
the door, for precaution of course.
They stared at each other in silence for
some seconds before she finally broke the
‘dad, you called me’
‘yes i did. Are you going to keep standing
or are you scared of sitting close to me
‘no…i….i just want to stand’
‘good,’ he stood up from the bed ‘then lets
stand together’ he took a step forward and
she took a step backward, he took another
step forward and she mover backword ;
forward, backward, forward, backward till
she was outside the room. Then Tony
‘come in. I want to talk to you,’ he went
back and sat on the bed.
Maria relunctantly went in, but not too
close to him.
‘Maria, i want to ask you a question and i
need a very sincere answer from you. A
very sincere one. You understand?’
Maria sighed, this wasnt the way the dream
went, so the evil dream wired from Alice’s
coven into her sleep was ineffective. Hmm,
thank God.
‘yes’ she replied quietly.
‘good. Maria, do you love me as your father
at all?’
‘dad, what…..’

He waved his hands at her ‘i want a simple
answer. Yes or no’
‘of course i love you daddy. Why on earth
wont i love you when you are my dad’
‘so you just love me because i’m your dad?
Just because i’m your dad right?’
‘daddy, i dont understand where all these
questions are coming from’
‘you dont need to understand Maria!’ he
was furious now ‘what on earth have i
done to displease you? I have loved you
right from birth, given you all you’ve ever
wanted, been a father and a mother to you,
dont everything to make you happy. But
you….you dont want me happy’
‘daddy, thats not true! I love you and i want
you to be happy. Your happiness means
the world to me’
‘shut up!!!’ Tony snapped ‘you bloody liar,
you dont love me at all. You dont want me
‘thats not true……’
‘shut up i say! If you want me happy then
you will let Alice and i be. Because i love
her and she makes me happy’
‘so this is all about Alice right? I should
have known sef! So just because i dont
want you to marry Alice, you’ve concluded i
dont want you happy right?’
‘Maria, are you talking to me like that?’
‘Alice is a witch dad!! Leave her alone!’
‘a witch?’

To be continued


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