Outside the ward they wer being ask a few
questions by some police officer’s who wer
presently investigating on the issue.
According to the police officer it was a
suicide committed. Just then the younger
sister move to the ladies room to make use
of it, wen she got dear she tried to remove
her phone but it fell down on bending down
to pick the phone she saw two pair of
shoeless leg outside d door she ask who it
was but they was no reply. She hurried out
then wash her hand nd rinse her face, but
standing behind her wer the two girls, so
she ran out of the ladies room. The next
day a reporter came to their house trying to
explain to the father of the girl about the
issue of their daughter’s death, trying to tell
them it was not a suicide but the ruk did’nt
listen just den savitri came out of the
house to find out who her husband was
talking to, she met the girl they and she
tried to explain it to her but ruk won’t hear
anything of it so savitri calm him down and
told him let dem hear her out. They
welcome her into ther house.
Ruk: am not in support of dis, my daughter
committed Suicide and that is all.
Shanty(reporter): to sir it was not suicide
sir, have been investigating dis issue for
some time now sir pls look at dis
newspaper’s sir and ma. I did the reporting
my self.

On the paper they wer different cases just
like deir, all cases of gals burning theirself.
Savitri: yes, then wat do you cause all dis
Shanty: ma all dis case have similar the
wich wer the gals burning their self keep
repeating the word ” they are calling me, i
av to go”
ruk: i told you savitri dey is no need for dis
gal you will not listen, if u ar through wit
her den let her live my house because all
dis are rubbish.
Shanty: sir pls listen to me sir, am not
lieing have loose my job because of dis
issue am trying to prove that am not mad
sir pls listen, ma pls listen u guys are the
only one who can help me. Den ruk left
dem, savitri told shanty that they will see
later to discuss on the issue more so she

To be continued


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