Question for the House

I have a girlfriend we’ve been dating for 4years and we both love each other but we do fight alot, thought we fight and settle as quick as possible. She’s a bit stubborn but we’ve been managing our egos for years. She bakes at home and supplies supermarkets in her axis and she’s doing well in the business, while I had no job for some couple years before now. We had an altercation late last year and we stop talking till late April this year. Before then I met another lady which she loves me so much but I had to open up to her that I have a girlfriend, at first she was cool with it but later she started acting up. I had to accommodate her and show her love in return since my previous girlfriend isn’t calling or checking on me anymore for months

My friend that new about both of us keep persuading me to work things out with her which I later did April this year. I spoke to her and she responded well, but she wasn’t really giving me the nod because she felt I was with someone all along.

I love my previous girlfriend but I don’t wanna hurt this new girl because she’s been a very good girl to me

She was with me and so supporting when I had no job. She was also helping in her little way. Something my previous girlfriend didn’t do

But I love her still

Pls I’m at a crossroads, please advice.

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