Schwarzman Scholars Program at Tsinghua University all what you need to know about it

Being one of it’s kind, one like no other Schwarzman Scholars program is put in place to cook and equipt the next world leaders with best form of education and all round knowledge. Schwarzman Scholars is the first scholarship created to respond to the geopolitical landscape of the 21st Century.

Schwarzman Scholars is a one year Master’s degree program in Tsinghua University in Beijing – one of China’s most prestigious universities, the Schwarzman Scholars program is fully hosted and sponsored by Tsinghua University in Beijing, China.

All desired applicants are advised to submit all applications before 31 May/26 Sept 2019 being the deadline for all students to Study in China Course starts Summer 2020.

On like other international programs Schwarzman Scholars program is open to all nationality if interested, Up to 200 students – about 45% of the first class will come from the United States, 20% from China, and 35% from the rest of the world.

Course and level of study includes Master’s Degree Programme in Global Affairs with concentrations on one of the following disciplines: Public Policy, Economic and Business, International Studies.

Requirements for the scholarship

Candidates must be at least 18 but not yet 29 years of age as of August 1 of their Schwarzman Scholars enrollment year.

Undergraduate degree or first degree from an accredited college or university or its equivalent.

Undergraduate degree or first degree from an accredited college or university or its equivalent.

Applicants must demonstrate strong English language skills, as all teaching will be conducted in English.

Internet-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL iBT). Minimum score 100.

To apply, you must complete an online application form and submit required documents by the deadline. Applicants who hold passports from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao can apply online from 1 January to 31 May 2019 through the China application portal. Applicants holding a passport from any other country, can apply online from April to 26 September 2019.

Official Scholarship Website:

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